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AS2 File Transfer Software as a Service for your enterprise

Set up an AS2 Server in minutes and quickly send EDI documents.

Get cloud-based EDI via AS2

Nothing to buy, download, install or maintain

Simplified and fast as web based email

Send and receive files with trading partners similar to using web-based email

Integrate with your internal B2B Applications

Using SFTP, REST APIs and Webhooks

Volume-based billing after 30-day free trial

Benefit from competitive pricing and transparent fee structures

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Simplified and fast EDI via AS2.

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Boost your performance with our SaaS AS2 Solution for managed file transfer.

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Why AS2 for
EDI Solutions?

In modern business operations, efficient data exchange is crucial for maintaining streamlined workflows and ensuring secure transactions.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) has emerged as a reliable protocol for facilitating secure and reliable file transfers over the Internet. If you're looking to optimize your file transfer processes using AS2, MFT Gateway is the perfect solution.

Mastering AS2 Communication with
MFT Gateway

MFT Gateway is the world's first and only Serverless AS2 gateway. Powered by AWS, and utilizing Amazon S3 for infinite storage and Lambda for optimal processing, it can easily process billions of messages.

Its native Serverless Architecture minimizes operational costs, and its scalability and availability is
bound only by the underlying AWS cloud.

How MFT Gateway can meet your
AS2 Communication needs

Simplified and fast as web-based email for as2 file transfer

The simple user interface eliminated the complexities of having to deal with the AS2 protocol and its configuration. Send and receive files with B2B trading partners similar to using web-based email.

Integrate EDI, MFT and API with existing B2B infrastructure

Support for SFTP integration for traditional applications, with the option of direct AWS S3 access.

Save cost and time with automated file transfers

Automate the process of sending /and receiving files for easier integration with S3, SFTP or REST APIs.

Optimize costs with a pay-as-you-go approach

We use native AWS Serverless technologies to optimize the hosting cost of our system, so you can avoid paying for traditional servers and software and experience a highly available and performant system as a Service. It lets us offer the most competitive pricing to small and medium businesses.

Supporting multiple Encryption Algorithms and Sign Digest Algorithms for AS2 protocol

MFT Gateway supports applying different encryption algorithms to encrypt outgoing messages, so that they can only be decrypted on the partner’s end, using the corresponding private key.

Get inspired with
Success Stories

Kicksaw utilizes MFT Gateway for secure messaging with the FDA

At Kicksaw's request, Aayu Technologies deployed the MFT Gateway solution in a separate AWS account under the ownership of the ultimate customer and managed by Kicksaw

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"The MFT Gateway tool exceeded our expectations. This service scales to meet our customer’s needs, is serverless-first, and saves us countless hours of development. Furthermore, their expertise in working with the FDA’s vendor compliance team made rollout a breeze. We highly recommend this tool to other system integrators."

Indegene Implements MFT Gateway for Major European Pharma

Indegene required an AS2 gateway to be deployed to facilitate communications with a large pharmaceutical corporation in Europe. Based on its application architecture using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology, an AS2 solution with native operation on the AWS cloud, was a distinct advantage sought after

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"Indegene has a great partner with the MFT Gateway solution. A major point for us was it’s true cloud native architecture allowing us to take full advantage of the AWS ecosystem. The solution allowed us to easily configure connections and rapidly integrate our solutions through the APIs without compromising scalability and robustness."

TAL deploys MFT Gateway for largest apparel company

TAL required an AS2 communications solution to securely exchange messages with one of the largest apparel companies in the world on behalf of its customers. The AS2 solution in use was over 20 years and had already become obsolete and without support. It could not handle the increased size and number of incoming messages and required regular rebooting to keep running, which was a complete nightmare to the TAL team.

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"With a 25 year old IBM WebSphere Application Server that could not support the type and size of the messages we needed to exchange with our trading partners, we finally had to make a switch. Having tried MFT Gateway and seeing how easily AS2 integration can be achieved, we immediately switched to MFT Gateway. We never had a single issue after the migration. The support has been very responsive and extremely helpful."

Indegene deploys MFT Gateway for large pharma company

Indegene required an AS2 gateway to be deployed for one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world, and to integrate its solutions running on the AWS cloud seamlessly

Read Case Study Download PDF

"Indegene has a great partner with the MFT Gateway solution. A major point for us was it’s true cloud native architecture allowing us to take full advantage of the AWS ecosystem. The solution allowed us to easily configure connections and rapidly integrate our solutions through the APIs without compromising scalability and robustness."

Smarteeva deploys MFT Gateway for secure communications with the FDA

Smarteeva selected the MFT Gateway based on its ability to integrate with the SalesForce platform through the SalesForce S3 API. This allowed Smarteeva to be in full control and ownership of all data being exchanged and stored, to meet the regulatory requirements.

Read Case Study Download PDF

"MFT Gateway was exactly what we were looking for, an easy to manage, scalable and secure solution to send AS2 messages. Asankha and his team were extremely helpful and helped us migrate our existing solution and all customers into a new Serverless environment. Additionally, they listened to our needs and provided enhancements to their platform to further automate our support operations."

VSP DATA utilizes MFT Gateway for Hosted AS2 Connectivity

VSP Data chose the MFT Gateway hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Aayu Technologies LLC as its AS2 communication platform. This allowed VSP DATA to offload the complete AS2 communications processing, and focus on its core business activities.

Read Case Study Download PDF

"Using MFT Gateway services saved us a lot of time that would be required to develop our own solution. We were able to use this time for our further development. In addition to quality service, I would also like to highlight the expertise of support and the willingness to help with setting up the service and solving problems. We are happy for the helpfulness and flexibility of the system, which allows us to respond to unpredictable situations in the amount of transferred data."


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A hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for AS2 file exchange.

Nothing to install or maintain, and nothing shared with any other customers.

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