VSP DATA utilizes MFT Gateway for Hosted AS2 Connectivity

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VSP DATA utilizes MFT Gateway for Hosted AS2 Connectivity






VSP DATA specializes in providing complete customer services and support across reverse logistics space. The offered services include all kinds of support services, including logistics, distribution, product and component repair, warehousing and a customer services call centers. Its detailed understanding of European markets allows VSP DATA to provide specialized services to a number of clients. This includes product localization, input quality inspection and consulting services in the realm of import/export, distribution, sales and servicing of ICT technologies in individual European markets.


VSP DATA required an AS2 communications capability to securely exchange messages related to its business operations with its trading partners.

“Using MFT Gateway services saved us a lot of time that would be required to develop our own solution. We were able to use this time for our further development. In addition to quality service, I would also like to highlight the expertise of support and the willingness to help with setting up the service and solving problems. We are happy for the helpfulness and flexibility of the system, which allows us to respond to unpredictable situations in the amount of transferred data.”

Tomas Beran | Chief Programmer



VSP Data chose the MFT Gateway hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Aayu Technologies LLC as its AS2 communication platform. This allowed VSP DATA to offload the complete AS2 communications processing, and focus on its core business activities.

The MFT Gateway sends and receives files with the VSP DATA systems using the SFTP integration capability of the platform. Thus any new received files can be fetched from the SFTP server by querying the SFTP directory assigned for the partner, and similarly place any outgoing files to the partners in the appropriate directories.

The cloud based AS2 communications offered by MFT Gateway allows a transparent pricing platform, where the cost solely depends on the volume of messages exchanged. Based on the volume changes, VSP DATA has changed its active plan over time to cater to its growth.