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AS2 connectivity
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B2B EDI/file transfer

Exchange business documents with trading partners with your own AS2 station without having to buy, install and maintain software

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B2B trading over AS2
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Automated Secure B2B File Transfer
No installation required
Create a fully functional AS2 account in minutes

We ensure automated secure document exchange between you and your trading partners via Web / API / SFTP or AWS S3 with end-to-end encryption.

pay for what you use
Pay for what you use
Enjoy Flexible plans that allow usage-based payments. Upgrade or downgrade plans without penalties.
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Try without conditions or billing
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cloud based EDI
Get a cloud-based EDI
Free yourself from maintaining traditional servers and software while experiencing a highly available system as a service.
powered by aws
Powered by AWS
Set up enterprise deployments on your own AWS account for security, compliance, and auditing.
AS2 for communication with the FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a few details to adhere to when communicating with it over AS2 and we have done it many times, including for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to exchange large volumes daily, and for another company to exchange very large files for compliance needs.

AS2 for communication with Logistics Partners

Supporting the exchange of 856 Advance Ship Notification (ASN)s, 850 Purchase Orders, 810 Invoices, EDIFACT ORDERS, Warehouse shipping orders, Price sales catalogues, Receiving advice/Acceptance certificates, 204 Motor carrier load tenders etc. between your trading partners.

Secure and Automated
B2B Trading

Take a look at our features at a glance.

Easy as using web based email
Simple and intuitive

As easy as using
web-based email

The simple user interface eliminated the complexities of having to deal with the AS2 protocol and its configuration. Send and receive files with B2B trading partners similar to using web-based email.

Automate and Integrate

Seamless Integration with existing B2B applications

Support for SFTP integration for traditional applications, with the option of direct AWS S3 access. You can automate the process of sending /and receiving files for easier integration with REST APIs.

Documentation API
Seamless Integration with existing B2B applications
Optimize costs with pay-as-you-go approach
Native Server-less Pricing

Optimize costs with a pay-as-you-go approach

We use native AWS Serverless technologies to optimize the hosting cost of our system, so you can avoid paying for traditional servers and software and experience a highly available and performant system as a Service. It lets us offer the most competitive pricing to small and medium businesses.

Starting at just $9 per month.

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On-AWS Deployment

Deploy MFT Gateway on your own AWS Account

Deploy MFT Gateway to your own AWS account for compliance or security requirements, and enjoy the resilience and scalability of the AWS platform for your AS2 connectivity needs, while enjoying the cost savings from the native Serverless deployment.

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Optimize costs with pay-as-you-go approach

Trusted across the globe

Our solutions are deployed on customers’ own AWS accounts, or on isolated/independent deployments for enterprise customers, while the small and medium businesses utilize our cloud based SaaS offering.

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"Cost effective serverless MFT Gateway ideal for startups, businesses and large enterprises."

Supporting multiple Encryption Algorithms and Sign Digest Algorithms

MFT Gateway supports applying different encryption algorithms to encrypt outgoing messages, so that they can only be decrypted on the partner’s end, using the corresponding private key.

Encryption Algorithms
Sign Digest Algorithms

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