Version 2.2.3

Registering An Organization

Registering your Organization, or Sign Up, is the very first action to get started with MFT Gateway. Visit the MFT Gateway home page and click on the Try 30 days free button as shown below, to register your organization.

MFT Gateway home page: Start Free Trial

Setup Your Organization

The first step in registering an organization is to enter a few details into the registration wizard.

MFT Gateway sign up form

As shown above, fill in the organization information.

  1. Tenant Name is the name assigned to your organization. It is used on textual references, as well as on the name of the dedicated AWS S3 bucket that MFT Gateway will create for you.
  2. Specify the Full Name of the organization administrator user.
  3. Specify the Email for the above user. This must be an email address belonging to your organization, accessible by you, because an activation email will be sent to this email address. Later on, this email address will also be used for notifications related to MFT Gateway communication etc.
  4. Select your Country.
  5. Enter a Password for the new account. It should be at least 8 letters long, and contain at least one of each of: uppercase, lowercase, numeric and symbolic (special characters) letters.
  6. Finally, please review the Terms carefully and click on the Get Started button on the bottom to submit the signup form.

Once you submit the signup form, a confirmation code will be sent to you and you will be redirected to the account confirmation page as shown below.

MFT Gateway account confirmation page

Note: Check the Spam folder too: If you did not see the confirmation email in your organization email inbox in few seconds, please check the Spam/Junk Mail folder too.

Note: Resending confirmation code: By any chance, if you did not receive the confirmation email, you have an option to request another confirmation code: on the confirmation page fill in your email (if not already filled), and click the Resend confirmation code link at the bottom of the page.

When you get the email, enter the 6-digit confirmation code found in it, into the Confirmation Code field on the confirmation page (and also the Email if it isn’t auto-filled), and click Confirm. This will verify your account, and direct you to the login page as follows.

MFT Gateway login page

Now you can log in with the organization admin email and password that you provided earlier. Once you log in, you will be directed to the messages view as follows. Since we are just getting started, message lists will be empty.

MFT Gateway messages view