Version 2.2.3

Adding a Trading Partner

Partners need to be added/declared on MFT Gateway, before you can send as well as receive messages from them. Declaring a partner requires some information from the respective remote trading personnel, such as its as2 identifier, recipient URL and so on. (These are the information of the remote trading station corresponding to the Partner Configuration that we saw on our local trading station page in the previous section).

To add a partner, first go to the partners view using the Partners icon on the left navigation menu. Then click the New Partner button.

Empty Partners List View

Now you need to fill the required information to configure the trading partner you are about to add:

Create Partner View

Most of the details herein, have to be obtained from the partner beforehand - via email or other external channels.

  1. Specify a name for the trading partner. This is just a textual identifier for you to easily distinguish this partner from others in the cards view, and will not be used in any AS2 message communication aspects.
  2. Specify the AS2 Identifier of the partner. This has to be obtained from the partner.
  3. Specify the partner URL which will be used to send messages to this partner; in other words, the partner would be listening on this URL for messages.
  4. Provide a default message subject (similar to an email subject line) which will be used if a subject is not specified when sending messages.
  5. Check the Advanced Options section:
  6. Upload the partner’s public certificate. MFT Gateway will use this to encrypt messages (if encryption is enabled for outgoing messages), so that they can only be decrypted on the partner’s end, using the corresponding private key.

Advanced Options on create partner view

Here you can set up outbound message configurations, such as encrypting, signing, MDN requisition, etc. We’ll keep the default values for now.

  1. Click the Create button to submit the form.

Once the partner is created, you will land back in the partner list view.

Now that we have a station and a partner, we can proceed to sending our first message!