Version 1.0

Sending an AS2 Message

After completing the station and partner configuration, we can try sending a message. First, go to the compose message view using the Compose button on the Messages view.

messages view

You will be shown a view as follows:

compose new message view

Let’s compose an AS2 message.

  1. Select the partner you want to send a message to. If you only have one partner, it will come selected by default.
  2. Select the station you want to send messages from. Again, if you only have one station, it will come selected by default.
  3. Optionally, specify a message subject. If you keep this empty, the default subject set in partner configuration will be used.
  4. Select the files to be sent. You can either drag and drop them to the dropzone or you can browse and select the files.
  5. Submit the message to the queue by clicking the Send button.

When you submit, the message will be added to a queue and you will be redirected to the Queued Messages view. From there, you can check on the status of the message. The view will automatically refresh every 10 seconds, showing the latest status of the queue.

queued messages view

  • If the queued message is delivered successfully to the recipient, the message will move to the Sent Messages view.
  • If the queued message encounters any failure, then it will move to the Failed Messages view. In this case you can click the message entry in the failures list, and check the Failure Reason field to find and fix the cause. Once fixed, click the Retry button on the failed entry to re-queue it for delivery.

failed messages view