Version 1.0

Adding a Trading Station

The first thing you need to configure on the MFT Gateway is a Trading Station which is used as your local endpoint of the trading communication. You will receive messages to this trading station and you can send messages from this trading station. A trading station is nearly analogous to an email address.

Let’s start by adding a trading station for your organization. First, go to the stations view using the Stations icon on the left navigation menu. Then on the top menu, click on the New Station button.

Empty Station list view

Now you need to fill the required information to configure the trading station you are about to add.

Create station view

To add the trading station:

  1. Specify a name for the trading station. This is solely used for labeling the station within MFT Gateway, and will not be used in AS2 message communication.
  2. Specify an AS2 identifier. This is the identifier used to identify the MFT Gateway station, analogous to your email address, and used in AS2 message communication. This has to be unique among a set of agreed partners, and also within MFT Gateway (which the Gateway will ensure at creation time).

Spaces, backslashes or double quotes are not allowed in the station AS2 identifier. Its length should be between 1 and 128 characters (inclusive).

  1. Specify an email address for the station. It will be used in From header of sent messages (not AS2-From - which is the AS2 identifier). It will also be used to send email notifications to you regarding the station, such as incoming messages or sending failures.

Then we have to configure the certificate for the station:

Certifcate details on create station view

Note: These fields follow the general certificate attributes as defined in RFC 5280.

  1. Specify a common name for the new certificate. This can be your name or domain name; for example, “John Doe” or “”.
  2. Specify your organization unit. This can be something like a division or department name in your organization; for example, “Information Technology”.
  3. Specify your organization. This can be your company name; for example, “Acme Ltd.”.
  4. Specify your city; for example, “Houston”.
  5. Specify a state; for example, “Texas”
  6. Select your country from the drop-down list.
  7. Select a preferred key length.
  8. Select the certificate validity period. Once this period is expired, you would need to regenerate it and share the new certificate with your partners.
  9. Enter a password for the certificate.

Once the certificate configuration is complete, go ahead and submit the form by clicking on the Create button

Trading Station Listing

Once you add the station, you will be directed to the trading station listing page, from which you can view the partner configuration of the station just created.

station list view

Note the actions available for a trading station, on the top right corner and the bottom section of the station card.

Partner Configuration of Trading Station

Click on the Partner Configuration button of the action panel of the trading station card. This will show you the configuration that you should be sharing with your partners, in order for them to set up a trading partner to send AS2 messages to your organization via the trading station we just created in the previous step.

partner configuration view

You can use the Share Configuration option to share this configuration with your partner via email when required.

Now that we have created a trading station, the next step would be to add a partner so that we can start communicating.